A meeting with Institut Koperasi Malaysia ( Malaysia Cooperative Institute) with the Director General of IKM Datuk Mohd Ali bin Mansor held on 11th October 2021.
The main focus of the meeting was to discuss the formation of MPBC Cooperative.
By having the MPBC Cooperative approved, it will be a big leap for MPBC in achieving the primary objective to help its council members.
Delegation of MPBC representatives consisted of Honourable Dato Sri Nazir Meraslam – Chairman MPBC, Mr Mohamed Salim – Secretary General MPBC, Ms Amillah Kamarudin, Exco MPBC, Mr Saleem Exco MPBC and  Mr Amin Ali Sidik, respected Advisor of MPBC cum Presiden Cancercare Association Malaysia & Chairman- Marketing and Business Promotion Association.