The swift development that occurred through the independence or freedom of a nation in various pitch of humans’ life, including but not limited to work, communication and leisure are extremely outrageous. Independence Day celebration in this digital era serves as a platform for people to connect with each other beyond borders regardless of race, religion, culture, socioeconomic status and so on. In fact, the independence has become an invisible channel that enables people to explore the world with higher motivation and confidence and learn to recognize and appreciate other cultures. However, the enormous range of privileges and opportunities obtained due to the independence of a nation without appropriate management, supervision and understanding could possibly lead to a fair share of undesirable circumstances that might jeopardize the future of an individual, society and even a nation. Hence, the Malaysia-Pakistan Business Council (MPBC) in collaboration with Pakistan High Commission has hosted the 75th Pakistan Independence Day Festival 2022 on 14 August 2022 from 10am to 8pm to serve the noble intention to celebrate the nation’s pride.

75th Pakistan Independence Festival 2022 is an initiative deliberately designed to provide useful tips, information, and approaches in order to promote the amazing nation of Pakistan responsibly. Furthermore, it also aims to create social awareness on patriotism, culture, and heritage among various target groups, namely children, teenagers, parents, educators, professionals, public and private organizations. The hosting of this dedicated initiative of celebrating the 75th Pakistan Independence Day Festival 2022 provides an opportunity to inculcate safer nationalism to sustain check and balance among these target groups in the evolving world.

Pakistan High Commission as a liable division has engaged itself to the initial step to promote the 75th Pakistan Independence Festival 2022 and MPBC chaired by Dato’ Sri Haji Mohamed Nazir Meraslam volunteered to become the host to organize the event that received participation from more than 10 000 people of Pakistani and non-Pakistani background worldwide that resides in 14 states in all over Malaysia, including Sabah, Sarawak and Labuan gathered at Pakistan High Commission (PHC) in order to gain firsthand experience of enthralling celebration of liberty. The event was initiated by the Flag Raising Ceremony launched by the High Commissioner of Pakistan to Malaysia, Ms. Amna Baloch.

Becoming the host for the 75th Pakistan Independence Day Festival 2022 is incomplete without promoting the exclusive products of Pakistan to the masses. Visitors learnt the useful knowledge and information of Pakistani food, merchandise, and products from more than 30 booths that showcase the beauty of their respective goods. It has served as a platform to establish economic collaboration and partnership among enthusiastic entrepreneurs.

The exciting event maintains the momentum by the energetic performance by the famous Pakistani singer, Mr Gul Khan. He magnificently mesmerized the crowd with his acoustic talent that elevate the celebration mood of the audience to higher level of excitement and pleasure.

Besides that, the activities outlined by the committee and volunteers supporting the festival such as Malay Round, Children Speeches, Urdu Poetry Recitation, Quizzes and Lucky Draw were indeed effective to uplift the exhilaration and grabbed the attention of the masses that consists of visitors from different age groups. The variety of activities have enabled the participants to learn, share and interchange exciting ideas and concepts on how to cultivate social and cultural awareness for various target audience. The key people that conducted each activity are required to showcase and be creative in implementing the background knowledge of the participants or visitors and exploit it to bring positive outcomes and the team of facilitators have come up with their own prudently revised design of activities to accommodate the diverse audiences. The vivid efforts by the event committee members in conducting variety of activities are obviously exciting to facilitate the flow of the event. Undeniably, they have managed to boost the confidence of participants and artistically utilize their skills in handling a large crowd of mix audiences.

In overall, MPBC in collaboration with Pakistan High Commission has managed to organize 75th Pakistan Independence Day Festival 2022 brilliantly. As the enthusiastic partnership progressed in a parallel manner, the aim, mission, and vision with the slogan of Developing Strengths Together was gradually achieved to strategically educate event’s participants of mix audiences in different sessions, activities, and exhibitions about the rich culture of Pakistan.

In conclusion, MPBC has been very passionate, dedicated, and supportive in promoting the 75th Pakistan Independence Day Festival 2022. Keep it up folks!

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