After less than a year of having opened our doors to customers, we closed our restaurant at the beginning of the first lockdown in March last year. With no delivery partners and no dine-in allowed, there was little hope of being able to cover any costs. It was a mammoth effort to keep the team morale up, as the world seemed to get stuck in a perpetual state of listlessness. Never one to give up, we searched for ways to open the restaurant again. This is when StoreHub came to our rescue…

StoreHub is a cloud based POS that is quick and simple to set up and manage. It provides real time reporting, is constantly updating features and has an amazing service team that help you resolve issues and learn how to use the tools more effectively. But we found out that they had much more to offer.

When Beep Delivery Service was launched by StoreHub, we hopped on board quickly and seamlessly. We were really impressed with the speed with which StoreHub got Beep Delivery up and running. They partnered quickly with several delivery agents (Lalamove, GoGet, MrSpeedy among others) leveraging their existing StoreHub platform. They changed the game for us. We started to steer our loyal patrons towards ordering from us through Beepit. They put a lot of resources towards providing support to merchant partners, were quick at problem resolutions and created a platform for partners to provide feedback and requests on features that were needed. StoreHub’s Beep Delivery service continues to evolve; they have created their own App, social media marketing platform, customer data management, and now even a dedicated team for each vendor to manage the logistical complaint resolution. Ahh-May-Zing! But there is still something more that sets them apart.

Other delivery partners took 30 percent of delivery sales revenue – something that can run a startup restaurant business into the ground (remember, delivery is the ONLY sales revenue in lockdown, while cost of goods rose tremendously due to a weak supply chain). Beep Delivery Service gave us a viable solution to reach a larger customer base and took the smallest bite out of our sales. But that’s not all there is …

StoreHub partners get total control on launching our promos and adding and changing products and offers for online customers – all other platforms have processes and red tape to go through to get this done. This is one of the reasons why our customers will always find our full available range of products and promotions on Beepit, while other delivery partners drag their feet to update our changes or offers. Giving partners the ability to design their own menu and promotions means that some sophisticated menu options will still take time. But what we get in control, far outweighs the lack of these features, which we know will come soon. Did we mention StoreHub is constantly taking merchant feedback and improving their services?

StoreHub and its Beep Delivery service are continuously evolving and upgrading their systems, and although their merchant payment structure has changed to support this development, StoreHub is ultimately working to strengthen these partnerships.

We only hope that StoreHub stay true to their mission and values as they grow. To know more about StoreHub and Beep Delivery, you can go to

This is not a sponsored article. Just a small business showing gratitude.