Tuan Amin, Mr Mokhtar and and Mr.Salim , Secretary MPBC had a meeting with Tuan Hj Che Wan Farid, Preseident of SME Bumiputera Association of Johor Bahru.

International Relation Biro Committee Member and Founder of CWF Group.
The aim of the meeting was to discuss plans to organise MPBC Roadshow in Johor and brief introduction of MBPC to him.
Matters agreed were

1-Setting up of MPBC Branch in Johor to help organise MPBC Roadshow in Johor, Membership drive.
2- Helping to promote setting up of MPBC Co Operative in Johor and Cooperative member recruitment.
3-Organising a MPBC Johor Bazaar promoting Pakistan product.

With his connection with Johor Govt, Tuan Hj Che Wan Farid would be a valuable go to person in promoting MPBC in Johor.