A significant meeting transpired between Pakistani IT professionals and the High Commissioner of Pakistan in Malaysia, H.E Syed Ahsan Raza Shah. The agenda encapsulated pivotal discussions aimed at fostering collaboration and enhancing bilateral ties between the IT sectors of both countries.

Meeting Highlights:

  1. Introduction of IT Professionals: A comprehensive introduction of Pakistani IT professionals provided valuable insights into their skills and expertise.
  2. Employment Prospects for Pakistanis in Malaysian IT Sector: Detailed discussions were held regarding the employment opportunities available for Pakistanis in Malaysia’s thriving IT sector, fostering potential talent exchanges.
  3. Bilateral Investment Opportunities in IT Sector: Both parties explored investment prospects, deliberating on opportunities for mutual investments in the IT sector, enhancing economic ties.
  4. During the meeting, it was mutually agreed to explore institutional-level collaboration. The selected participants pledged to initiate efforts in connecting the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) with the High Commission of Pakistan. This initiative aims to discuss possibilities of strengthening IT-related business activities between the two countries. Such collaborations are pivotal in bolstering the IT sectors of both Pakistan and Malaysia, nurturing growth and fostering lasting partnerships.

Moreover, it was also decided to have regular follow-up meetings to sustain and enhance the momentum of this valuable discussion. These regular interactions will pave the way for continuous collaboration, ensuring a productive and enduring partnership between the IT sectors of Pakistan and Malaysia.

The meeting took place at the Office of the High Commissioner, Pakistan High Commission, commencing at 3:30 pm on Friday, 29th September 2023. The focal person for the event was Mrs. Sughra Habib, First Secretary Commercial, who ensured seamless coordination and facilitation of this productive discussion. This meeting set a promising platform for future engagements, highlighting the potential for growth and cooperation within the IT sectors of both nations.