Courtesy visit to the Commercial Section at Embassy of Pakistan im Hanoi, Vietnam

Mr. Humayun Habib, member MPBC Exco and Chairperson of the ASEAN Chapter of ICAP Members, paid a courtesy visit to Ms. Faiza Shafqat, Trade & Investment Secretary at the Embassy of Pakistan in Hanoi, Vietnam. During the meeting, Mr. Humayun discussed the purpose and initiatives of MPBC and ICAP in the ASEAN region through the chapter.

Ms. Faiza Shafqat commended MPBC and ICAP’s strategic initiatives, emphasizing its importance in creating institutional connections with trade and professional bodies across ASEAN countries. She noted that this initiative is pivotal for promoting bilateral trade & investment, the export of services from Pakistan and enhancing the employability of Pakistani professionals through the promotion of the “CA Pakistan” brand. Ms. Faiza assured full support from her office for the initiatives led by MPBC, ICAP and the ASEAN Chapter.