Mr. Jawad Ghulam Rasool, Chief Executive Officer of the IPG Group of Pakistan, and Mr. Shaheryar Safdar, Assistant General Manager – Head of Roshan Digital Unit Business Development Division at Bank Al Habib Limited Pakistan, paid a courtesy visit to Dato’ Sri Mohamed Nazir and MPBC Exco members to thank them for their support of the Meri Cricket event organized from June 28-30 at Kelab Aman in Kuala Lumpur.

During the visit, the delegates from Pakistan explained the objectives of the event, which aimed to engage the broader Pakistani community in Malaysia and promote the RDA banking channel. The three-day event will feature eight cricket teams competing in tape ball matches, providing entertainment and fostering community spirit. Special arrangements have been made for fun activities for children and families on Sunday, June 30, from 4 pm onwards, with national cricket players and showbiz celebrities in attendance.

Entry to the event is free for registered attendees, and subsidized food and snacks will be available throughout the event. The organizers welcome Pakistani, Malaysian, and other international community members based in Malaysia.