On 30th June, Bank Al Habib organized the ‘Meri Cricket’ event in Kuala Lumpur, aiming to promote banking products that encourage remittances through secure financial channels.

The event was honored by the presence of Mr. Syed Ahsan Raza Shah, the Pakistan High Commissioner, along with Bank Al Habib leaders from Malaysia and Pakistan, including Mr. Ali Dossa (Resident Director, General Manager & Head of Overseas Business & Operations), Mr. Brian D’Melo (Deputy General Manager, Credit & Trade, Overseas Operations), and Mr. Shaheryar Safdar (Assistant General Manager, Head of Roshan Digital Unit, Business Development Division). Their attendance underscored the significance of formal remittance channels.

Key attendees highlighted the importance of utilizing secure banking methods for remittances.

The event featured exciting cricket matches, fostering community spirit and drawing attention to the benefits of using formal financial channels for remittances.

Speeches by the Pakistan High Commissioner and Bank Al Habib leadership emphasized the convenience and security of the Raast Instant Payment System, encouraging attendees to adopt this efficient method for transferring funds. Raast is Pakistan’s first Instant Payment System, allowing quick, secure, and easy fund transfers using Raast IDs (registered mobile numbers) or IBANs. Speakers thanked the MPBC Executive Committee and core working team for their support and resource allocation, which were crucial in organizing a successful event and encouraging broader community participation in Malaysia through various mediums.

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The event witnessed enthusiastic participation from the local community, with interactive sessions focused on the advantages of using formal banking channels for remittances.

The community enjoyed live performances by Pakistani artists Zohaib Azhar and Sophia Kaif.

Pakistani cricket players Imran Nazir and Muhammad Irfan engaged with the community, encouraging young aspiring cricket talent.

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