Advisor, MPBC Women Wing

Maimoona Hassan is a dynamic and accomplished individual with a passion for education and community engagement. As the Advisor of MPBC Women Wing, she brings a wealth of experience and leadership to the council.

  • MPBC Contributions

    In her role as Advisor of MPBC Women Wing, Maimoona Hassan is a dedicated member, representing the Women Wing at various forums and actively initiating community engagement and awareness activities. She played a vital role in the Management Committee of Pakistan Festival 2023 and made significant contributions to the MPBC website content in 2022.

  • Vision

    Maimoona Hassan envisions an empowered Women Wing within MPBC, actively engaging in initiatives that promote collaboration, awareness and inspiration, fostering stronger ties between Malaysia and Pakistan.

  • Education

    Maimoona Hassan is an accomplished individual with a diverse educational background, including a Bachelor of Arts from Punjab University. She has further enriched her knowledge through professional courses under The City School in collaboration with Strathclyde Glasgow, obtaining a Post Graduate Certificate Course, a Post Graduate Diploma Course, and a Post Graduate Management and Leadership Course

  • Professional Experience

    With a career spanning over two decades, Maimoona has assumed key leadership positions with The City School Pakistan and Dubai. Her leadership expanded further in 2019 when she took on the position of General Manager, overseeing 11 kindergartens of The City School and a K-12 school in the Philippines.

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