• Welcome to Malaysia-Pakistan Business Council
About MPBC


Malaysia-Pakistan Business Council (MPBC) was established in 2013 to enhance bilateral trade, investment, and tourism between Malaysia and Pakistan. MPBC is a non-profit organization registered with registrar of societies in Malaysia. Malaysia and Pakistan have always maintained healthy bilateral foreign and economic relations. 


Both countries are members of Commonwealth of Nations and Organization of Islamic Cooperation. MPBC welcomes Corporate Members, Ordinary Members who are Malaysians or Residents of Malaysia in Malaysia to its annual membership.A Corporate Member is representing by a member who can be a Malaysian or Resident of Malaysia with a valid documentation. 


Governance of MPBC is managed through an Executive Committee of ten members who are elected for a period of two years by members in its Annual General Meeting. Chairman assumes the responsibilities of Chief Executive of MPBC supported by office bearers Vice Chairman 1, Vice Chairman 2, Secretary, Treasurer and 5 Executive Members. Executive committee meets every month for strategic and governance related discussion and decision making. There are also ad hoc meetings held when there are matters to be addressed on a promptly basis. 


Executive committee has constituted smaller focus groups of experts and professionals in various subdivisions chaired by a focused Director of the portfolio in Ex-officio board managed by an Executive Director to drive matters related to bilateral trade, investment, tourism, and all related matters pertaining to growth of both nations. All members of Executive Committee and Board of Directors alongside with its subcommittee are non-remunerative volunteer roles.


MPBC collaborates with and facilities member relations with government of Malaysia and Pakistan, and other trade bodies in Malaysia and Pakistan. Both countries have signed Malaysia Pakistan Closer Economic Partnership Agreement (MPCEPA). 


Malaysia is a diversified, progressive, and business friendly country of 33 million people in Southeast Asia which making Malaysia a gateway into ASEAN region of 600 million people and Malaysia has tropical climate. Malaysia shares its borders with Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Indonesia.


Pakistan is an emerging country of 220 million people in South Asia that borders with Afghanistan, India, Iran, and China. Pakistani economic growth is being very rapidly growing over the years. Pakistan is the fifth largest country in the world with 12 climatic zones.